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"Dr. Sanders has been WONDERFUL with helping us address our concerns with our daughter’s vision. Our daughter happened to wake up one morning with her left eye completely rolled in toward her nose with no other previous vision concerns. We’ve seen both optometrists and ophthalmologists regarding her condition and have received the recommendations of glasses, eye patches, and surgery. The thought of surgery on our daughter’s eye to correct her alignment was very unsettling to us, so we began our research! When we happened to stumble across Dr. Sanders on Facebook, we immediately called her for an appointment, and we are SO HAPPY WE DID!!! Dr. Sanders has been extremely patient with all of our questions and explaining “this is why this happened” and “this is how we are going to correct it!” She shared a wealth of knowledge regarding how a condition such as our daughter’s can affect the brain’s use of the eye and the necessity of retraining the brain to use the eye, which is information we haven’t received from other doctors. At every appointment, she is completely focused on our four year old daughter, and has done so in a way that is comfortable and relatable to a toddler. When our daughter is scheduled for her vision therapy appointments, Dr. Sanders will even come to her preschool, in an effort to keep her in a comfortable and familiar environment! Within three months of working with Dr. Sanders, my husband and I have both seen a significant improvement in our daughter’s alignment, and it is clear to us that she is beginning to regain her 3D vision! We are so thankful we have found Dr. Sanders!!!"

"We began seeing Dr. Sanders a few months ago for a 7 year old child diagnosed with amblyopia. He could barely see out of one eye when we began treatment. In a very short time he began making leaps and bounds with his vision therapy and has improved his eyesight dramatically. The first visit to the office was a very relaxed and enjoyable thing for us. He looked forward to every appointment afterwards. It has been a wonderful thing for us to have so much help and assistance from Dr. Sanders to improve his quality of life. He now experiences the joy of seeing in 3D, something which most of us take for granted. The information we were provided and advice for home therapy has been detailed, easy to understand and follow through. Dr. Sanders has helped us as parents understand what our son was going through and experiencing throughout the vision therapy process. It’s been extremely beneficial to his home and school life. We would recommend Dr. Sanders over and over again. The care she’s provided has been amazing and we are thankful to have such a capable and encouraging Dr. for our son’s eyes!" -Mr. & Mrs. Hibbard