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Get more than style from your sunglasses

Aviators. Retro. Flip. Sport. During the spring

and summer months, consumer spend hours trying to figure out what shape of sunglasses will best reflect their personality and offer a little shade during the summer months.

While sunglasses do add flair to your favorite

outfit, there is more to...

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Blue light can damage eyes, protection recommended

Not all light is created equally. In today’s world, with natural and many forms of artificial light, we are surrounded with light 365 days a year. And while some forms of light powers or regulates our bodies, there are other forms of light, including ultraviolet (UV) and high-energy (HEV) light that have the potential to...
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Diopsys provides tool to objectively manage ocular diseases

Diopsys Early detection of eye disease and management of eye disease is critical when assessing treatment for patients. Now, with Diosys, a tool which objectively measures how quickly light travels from the front of the eye to the brain, optometrists can now diagnose, treat and, at times, save...
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